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Case Study

Our Technical Projects

BASF-YPC Ethylene Verbund Project

Project Overview: SINOPEC and BASF invest 24 Billion RMB Jointly, 9 Sets of Petrochemical engineering equipment, over 140 pieces of heavy equipment.
Location: Nanjing, China
Volume: 950,000FT
Schedule: 2001.09 - 2005.06
Scope of work: Import contract (FOB), in-land transportation.
Transit Challenge: Key Equipments size is 94.4 x 6.2 x 625m, 343 tons.
Transit Solution: Sinotrans own heavy-lift team. Risk Control, Network administrator.

Uzbekistan Gas Processing Station

Project Overview: #2 and #3 Gas Processing Stations are part of the China-Central Asia pipeline, which has an annual gas transportation capacity of 30 billion cubic meters.
Location: Buxoro, China
Volume: 15,720FT
Schedule: 2011.01 - 2011.12
Scope of work: Railway transport from kaifeng and Zhengzhou to Uzbekistan project site.
Transit Challenge: Multifarious goods - Railway Ministry Policy. Car-change at China - Uzbakistan Border.
Transit Solution: Innovative transportation Scheme that significantly lowered cost. Coordination of special cranes and other means of transportation.

Iraq Halfaya Drilling Project

Project Overview: We transported 70D oil drilling equipment and accessories from China to Iraq. We feced many political problems during this process but were able successfully complete this shipment.
Location: Halfaya oilfield. Iraq
Volume: 15,000FT
Schedule: 2011.12 - 2012.01
Scope of work: Sea Transport from Shanghai to UMM QASR, Iraq. Land transport from UMM QASR to Halfaya oilfield.
Transit Challenge: 70D oil Drilling equipment and accessories for one shipment.
Transit Solution: Specific Stowage plan. Experienced port captain and ops team.

Kuwait 70D Drilling Project

Project Overview: Provided service of storage, collection, declaration, lading, sea freight, discharge.
Location: Shuaiba, Kuwait.
Volume: 12,636FT
Schedule: 2009.08 - 2009.10
Scope of work: Collection from factories, port to port, full service.
Transit Challenge: Extreme weather conditions at port (typhoon) Limited time, require for large storage capacity.
Transit Solution: Coordination with port authority, declarrtion in advance. 24 HRS supervision at port.