China Power Hub Generation Company


Operating in the province of Balochistan carries with it its own set of concerns and challenges, due to the lack of infrastructure and security. The HUBCO power project not only required Sinotrans to deliver oversized and overlength loads to a sensitive location, but also required the team to navigate dangerous terrain, roads and bridges that are not designed to accommodate massive loads.


The biggest hurdle faced was the disapproval of the road survey experts to approve the size and dimension of cargo that needed to be transported due to the lack of capacity on the road and bridges. The road from Karachi Port to Hubco was in worn-out conditions, to say the least, and because of the over-dimension and weight of the cargo, a complete road survey had to be carried out to ensure the repairs were done prior to the shipment leaving the Port of Karachi, as the entire unit had to be transported under escort. The road leading from Hawksbay to HUBCO was surveyed and repaired to ensure that the cargo reached safely, on time and without incurring any damages.


As always, Sinotrans’ breadth of local connections and specialized knowledge helped the team provide ultimate solutions. After acquiring relevant permissions, extensive renovations were carried out across the existing roads, to create a sustainable route through the Hub River area. A route clearance from local private landowners was also arranged to help adapt the cargo to the road as needed.