Zonergy Solar Power Plant (300 Mw)


With an average of eight to nine hours of sunshine every day, Pakistan has some of the highest values of insulation in the world - ideal for adoption of solar power. However, the complexity of large scale solar power plants is a costly and complex undertaking, one that Sinotrans undertook with utmost pride. Zonergy’s Quaid-e-Azam Solar Park project in Bahawalpur aims to accelerate the adoption of this clean, virtually unlimited source of power, hoping to eventually provide 1GW of solar power to the country’s grid. Given the bulk and delicacy of such a setup, there is only one logistics solutions provider that was entrusted to transport 2847 TEUs of cargo, including 40 feet containers of panels and 300 MW transformers.


Loading 50-80 containers consisting of delicate solar panels on a daily basis, while subsequently managing the unloading of highly sensitive cargo using specialised cranes and lifters. In addition to that, Sinotrans experts had to ensure the transformers were transported safely and keep a strict eye on highway code compliance.


To accomplish the task without any incidents, Sinotrans’ team of freight-forwarding experts managed to load up to 80 containers a day from KPT and successfully dispatched them to their final destination. The team also arranged, well in advance, all the security clearance required to remove any hiccups at the destination with regards to unloading and ensured no heavy penalties were incurred. Once at the destination, specialists quickly and carefully de-stuffed trailers, four at a time, using cranes and forklifts, all the while making sure not to damage the highly sensitive solar panel cargo. The team also managed the delivery of over dimension transformers, which required the arrangement of specialised multi-hydraulic axle trailers, capable of supporting the cargo’s colossal weight. The entire endeavour was adeptly facilitated by the support staff to avoid any enroute maintenance issues.