Suki Kinari Hydropower Project


Currently under construction, Suki Kinari is a run-of-the-river hydropower project located on the Kunhar river in KPK. It is located in a remote valley that makes the overland route one of the country’s most treacherous and challenging logistical undertakings.


Transporting over-dimension, breakbulk, heavy, and containerized cargo as well as 13100-tons transformers to an elevation of 2409 meters across a mountainous route, full of short and sharp turns, steep slopes in extremely low temperatures.


The difficult road conditions were a test of skill and experience as negotiating exceptionally narrow turning circles in extendable trailers at an elevation for two grueling weeks was no easy feat. It meant deploying uncanny knowledge and dependable equipment to navigate everything from low bed trailers, to hydraulic multi-axle trailers, as well as flatbed trailers and heavy-duty cranes. 100 tons of generators were transported on heavy low bed trailers from Karachi to Tarnol and discharged into a yard for safekeeping and storage, till the client was ready to receive them. Once the go-ahead was received, the generators were loaded onto a multi-axle vehicle which was suitable to climb and maneuver on the steep roads. Additionally, prime movers were connected to improve and assist on the steeper gradients.